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Fruity Game

Casual Fruit Combination Game
New in version 2.4
These patch notes were meant for previous version (2.3/14) for the New Year!
- Achievement Base has been added (mushroomforest)
- Pause Menu (SanctimoniousApe)
- Heavier Gravity (faster fruit falling)
- Frictionless Walls
- New Achievement (might remove)

and a special thanks to everyone else who has opened up issues and pull requests
* hubort *
* gergelypolonkai *
* jrsofty *
* m464D *
* ericjs *
* MrCamel999 *
* MxtAppz *
* Average *

Sandbox and Arcade modes are coming soon
Thank you, everyon
Combine matching fruits to make bigger fruits.
Do not go too high or game over. Try to get as many points as you can!

Play Casual or Strategic
Works Offline
Endless Fun

Created with Godot Engine 3



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