If you come across an issue regarding F-Droid, please report it to the related issue tracker.

Client App

If you’re having a problem with the F-Droid client application (our app store app), please check if we already know about it, and/or report it in this issue tracker.

App Data

For problems related to the contents of the F-Droid repository (the apps in our app store), such as a disappeared or outdated applications, please use this issue tracker.

Request for Packaging

To request a new application to be packaged (add an app to our app store), please, first check the app data issue tracker to see if that application was available in the past and got removed. Any remaining request for packaging (RFP) can be added to this issue tracker.

Server Tools

For issues on the server tools (building apps yourself or running your own repo), please use this issue tracker.


For issues relating to this web site, you can use this issue tracker.

For issues relating to or search results in this website, you can use this issue tracker.

The Fire Hose

If you have not found the right place, try searching through all of the issues tracked by the F-Droid project.