F-Droid is powered by your donations!

If you want to contribute financially, we recommend using a free (as in free software) donation platform like Liberapay or Open Collective. Liberapay has lower fees but Open Collective allows more flexibility and transparency on how the funds are used. Both platforms allow for recurrent donations which are highly desirable for making F-Droid sustainable.

Your donations will be used for:

  • Paying for server resources
  • Pay for merchandise (stickers)
  • Pay contributors for administration and development work
  • Travel sponsorship for contributors for conferences or meetups

What payment methods can I use?

Right now, we only support the payment methods that our fiscal hosts offer. The fiscal host determines which payment methods are available.

  Currency Credit Card Bank Transfer PayPal Crypto
Donate via Liberapay      
Donate to our Collective F-Droid-Euro EUR      
Donate to our Collective F-Droid USD  
GitHub Sponsors      

Visit the info pages of our fiscal hosts to get more details on their fees:

IBAN Direct Bank Transfer

If you would like to donate via a direct IBAN bank transfer, then donate via F-Droid (€) on OpenCollective:

Donate to our Collective      


All cryptocurrency donations to F-Droid, including Bitcoin and many others, are on hold for the time being, this page will be updated if there any related changes.


Or buy a 👕 T-shirt 👕 from
(F-Droid will receive 3€ per shirt sold.)

Previous Setup

Donations for F-Droid were previously handled by F-Droid Limited, a UK “private company” registered in England (no. 08420676). It has been out of use since 2021.