F-Droid is a robot with a passion for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on the Android platform. On this site you’ll find a repository of FOSS apps, along with an Android client to perform installations and updates, news, reviews, and other features covering all things Android and software-freedom related.

F-Droid is legally represented by our Commons Conservancy Programme which is regulated by our statutes.

Donations for F-Droid development are handled via our OpenCollective.


You can discuss F-Droid or get help on the forum and F-Droid’s user chat.

To chat with others in real time about F-Droid, you can join via IRC in the #fdroid channel on OFTC (click here to join the webchat, but set a proper nickname, not qwebirc*).

Matrix users can join #fdroid:f-droid.org. An F-Droid matrix space grouping together all F-Droid related rooms exists at #fdroid-space:f-droid.org, and can be joined by anyone.

XMPP users can join via a Biboumi gateway that connects to IRC, easiest way is to ask your XMPP server admin to host one, but if not possible, try one of the public ones. Copy and paste the address in your XMPP clients channel input field #fdroid%irc.oftc.net@irc.jabberfr.org (hosted by JabberFR) or #fdroid%irc.oftc.net@irc.hmm.st (hosted by hmm.st)

There is also a Matrix bridge to Telegram, to join it click this link.

Translators can coordinate via the special IRC channel #fdroid-translators on OFTC, #fdroid-translators:f-droid.org room on Matrix, #fdroid-translators%irc.oftc.net@irc.jabberfr.org / #fdroid-translators%irc.oftc.net@irc.hmm.st bridges for XMPP or by clicking this link for Telegram

F-Droid contributors also run a social-media account on the Fediverse. You can interact with us or follow us on @fdroidorg@floss.social.

You can send email at team@f-droid.org, but messages are much more likely to be answered on the forum or #fdroid channel. If you want to help, you can join us.

Consulting / Commercial Support

If you’re running an organisation that uses F-Droid or would like to use F-Droid, you will sometimes want to have an expert. For this, we have a list of companies and developers who have contributed to F-Droid in one way or another and are available for consulting:

Find an F-Droid Consultant


Terms, etc.

F-Droid is a non-profit volunteer project. Although every effort is made to ensure that everything in the repository is safe to install, you use it AT YOUR OWN RISK. Wherever possible, applications in the repository are built from source, and that source code is checked for potential security or privacy issues. This checking is far from exhaustive and there are no guarantees.

F-Droid respects your privacy. We don’t track you, or your device. We don’t track what you install. You don’t need an account to use the client, and it sends no additional identifying data when communicating with our web servers, other than its version number. We don’t even allow you to install other applications from the repository that track you, unless you first enable ‘Tracking’ in the AntiFeatures section of preferences. Any personal data you decide to give us (e.g. your email address when registering for an account to post on the forum) goes no further than us, and will not be used for anything other than allowing you to maintain your account.


The F-Droid project was founded in 2010 by Ciaran Gultnieks, and is brought to you by at least the following people:

If you have contributed to F-Droid and your name is missing, it’s a mistake and you should add yourself to the list! Please include your Weblate username if you are a translator. Keep it sorted by first name, please.

The original F-Droid client app was based on the Aptoide app developed by Roberto Jacinto.