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TWIF generated on Thursday, 14 Mar 2024, Week 11

Community News

@linsui schedules some releases:

K-9 Mail was updated to 6.800 and deemed stable, so everyone will get the new version. Congrats to the team! The app description on the website is missing, but a fix is in the works. (upstream issue)

Our contributor @tbsprs recently added FOSSGIS 2024 Schedule, Conference program app for the FOSSGIS conference. But did you know that they have other apps for conferences? 15 more already! Given that the apps are tethered to the scheduling servers, they get the NonFreeNet anti-feature.

@Licaon_Kter turns betas on:

Conversations was updated to 2.14.0-beta.2+free for those that like to live on the edge, bringing an “improved integration of A/V calls into the operating system”. This should help users having audio routing issues (Bluetooth mostly) and adding that nice “turn speaker on” button during call connection. This beta continues on last month’s background of Conversations updates and betas being rejected by some stores because the developer would not lie to their users. F-Droid version still has the integrated Contacts functionality.

yetCalc’s removal was announced back in December 2023 as its math lib was under a non-FOSS license. The developer downgraded it to the older FOSS licensed version so yetCalc is back in F-Droid. (upstream issue)

Removed Apps

10 apps were removed

As hinted in TWIF24-9, sing-box’s inclusion signaled that SagerNet and its plugins (Brook, Hysteria, Mieru, NaïveProxy, Ping Tunnel, TUIC and Trojan-Go) need to be archived.

Geometric Weather was no longer developed, its weather sources were not usable for many and it also included some assets and dependencies that made it incompatible with F-Droid’s FOSS inclusion rules. (#3204) Fork developers are working on including their app in F-Droid soon.

The developer of Unitto - calculator and unit converter reached out to the team and asked for the app to be archived. (!14617)

Newly Added Apps

6 more apps were newly added

Updated Apps

187 more apps were updated

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