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TWIF generated on Thursday, 07 Mar 2024, Week 10

Community News

@Licaon_Kter updates over the years:, Listen to j-pop and anime music radio 24/7 ad-free, was updated to 6.0.2 after a year and a half hiatus. F-Droid’s main repository has more than 4300 apps (or about 3200 if you are on Android 14), so contributors attend to the well being of apps that are visibly failing to update or build. Autoupdated apps, like this one, can stop updating if developers change repo structure or the way they tag. Luckily fans of the app, and of FOSS, pinged us and we managed to fix it, update it and assure that future updates are picked up. Thank you fans!

F-Droid website

In last week’s TWIF we reached out for help regarding the locale mix-up. While it’s still not fixed site wide, we at least fixed the “Search” field from glitching, which was the biggest pain point.

Newly Added Apps

7 apps were newly added
  • Alexandria - Download and convert e-books
  • Brume Wallet - The private Ethereum wallet
  • IREX Mobile App - IREX mobile application (only VPN functionality for now)
  • QUIK SMS - Replacement to the stock SMS app on Android, a revival of QKSMS
  • Roboyard - Problem-solving game - find the optimal moves to move one robot to its target
  • Sekreto - A tool for encryption and steganography (only in Esperanto and Russian)
  • Traditional T9 - A T9 Input Method Editor with a hardware keypad

Updated Apps

103 more apps were updated

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