Simple tools need complex maintenance

TWIF generated on Thursday, 07 Dec 2023, Week 49

F-Droid core

@hans brings news from the mirror universe:

We reviewed lots of mirrors, and selected some new ones to add:

  • http://dotsrccccbidkzg7oc7oj4ugxrlfbt64qebyunxbrgqhxiwj3nl6vcad.onion/fdroid
  • http://mirror.ossplanetnyou5xifr6liw5vhzwc2g2fmmlohza25wwgnnaw65ytfsad.onion/fdroid
  • (Germany)
  • (Austria)
  • (Germany)
  • (Denmark)
  • (California)

In the future we plan to add the possibility for users to select mirrors based on location or fastest connection. Then we’ll be adding some more mirrors!

Community News

Simple Mobile Tools - the suite of applications that covers most Android user needs (easily recognizable by their orange icons) - is in the process of being bought by a company that is known for buying apps and monetizing them by adding Ads and Tracking. While the apps future is incertain at this time, the F-Droid team disabled auto-updates until there’s a clear picture of how the apps will go on forward (#3142)

@linsui brings our attention to:

DiskUsage being updated to 5.0-alpha0. We couln’t build it for 6 years due to a system.jar from AOSP. It’s not needed anymore so we get the update finally! It’s still rough around the edges, and it might need All files access being granted to be able to work better.

There are two news about Sithakuru, the Libre Sinhala Keyboard, the “old” app Sithakuru was updated to 1.2.0 but users are encouraged to switch to the “new” app Sithakuru that was just added and is build reproducible. The old app will stop receiving updates!

Also, Karma Firewall was updated to 61 but it also switched to being build reproducible, meaning current users need to uninstall it and reinstall it to be able to get future updates.

Removed Apps

2 apps were removed

OGS, the client, no longer can connect and developement has stoppped (#3144)

yetCalc depends on a library that is not actually FOSS (#3141)

Newly Added Apps

7 more apps were newly added
  • EasySync - Synchronize your phone with your DAV server
  • Geto - Apply your custom device settings to a specific user app
  • HA Bluetooth Proxy - Home assistant Bluetooth proxy Companion
  • Nextcloud Passwords - Secure app for viewing passwords for the Nextcloud Passwords app
  • Save Locally: Share2Storage - Using an app that doesn’t allow Saving but allows Sharing? No problem!
  • Yatoo - Yet another todo app (Not a new app in F-Droid actually, but some build issues delayed it’s release)
  • eXch. - Automatic Cryptocurrency Swaps

Updated Apps

137 more apps were updated

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