Delta chat and end-to-end encryption

TWIF generated on Thursday, 30 Nov 2023, Week 48

F-Droid Core

There is a new release of F-Droid. It is still in alpha at version 1.19.0-alpha2 and it has the following improvements:

  • New settings to give user control over IPFS HTTP Gateways
  • Enable per-app language selection (@licaon-kter)
  • Material Design 2 updates (@proletarius101)
  • Fix bug when adding new repo via unofficial mirror

Community News

We want to let you know that the CoC team resigned, two important members left F-Droid two weeks ago and a third one went for an indefinite break. See their announcement for more details. We thank them for all their great contributions that made F-Droid better while they were around.

@linsui comments:

Delta Chat introduces guaranteed end-to-end encryption in 1.42. In previous versions the E2EE was not verified to prevent MitM attacks from the e-mail providers. Now it can be guaranteed by scanning another user’s “QR Invite code”.

More details can be found in the developer blog post.

Removed Apps

2 apps were removed

Ana was archived because it’s no longer maintained and won’t work any more (!14083).

HU Berlin Wi-Fi Installer is not needed as the University is now using another system, “eduroam” (#3135).

Newly Added Apps

2 apps were newly added

ESUP-NFC-TAG-DROID works as a client for an ESUP-NFC-TAG server.

Fruity Game is a casual fruit combination game.

Updated Apps

104 more apps were updated

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