New F-Droid releases on IPFS

TWIF generated on Thursday, 23 Nov 2023, Week 47

F-Droid core

Android Apps now on IPFS

New app releases on F-Droid are now being pushed to IPFS too, providing an additional mirroring channel that can be managed more flexibly. If this goes smoothly, we intend to upload all releases on F-Droid to IPFS. In the next F-Droid and Basic alpha versions the IPFS settings get overhauled, thanks to @uniqx

Community News

Tor on Mobile Devices Developer Guide

Guardian Project is working on a guide on how to integrate Tor into a mobile application, touching the broader goal of promoting online privacy and freedom. You can follow the progress here.

@Licaon_Kter’s comments:

Organic Maps: Hike, Bike, Drive Offline was updated to 2023.11.17-17-FDroid which, besides the usual maps updates, fixes and features, also brings “experimental ‘Details on KAYAK’ affiliate link to hotels”.

Missed in last weeks TWIF, FreePaint got a new signature key from its developer because “something happened to the old key”. We encourage developers to take great care of their keys but I guess this information it’s just not yet very evenly distributed. What does this mean for you? If this is the first time you install the app, just enjoy it, everything is fine. But if you had it installed before version 1.1.0 (4) please uninstall it and reinstall it. (!14020)

KeePassDX was updated to 4.0.5 after a long hiatus. The issue delaying its update is that the upstream code repo has a historic mistake that can’t be easily fixed (read in more detail here). Security measures set up in the F-Droid build server were blocking this mistake and the team had to provision code to handle such known exceptions.

Removed Apps

4 apps were removed

While Androidacy Module Manager’s license is LGPL-3.0, users are forced to agree to an extra EULA too just to be able to actually start the app. This makes the situation confusing for the users who expect a FOSS app, not restrictions. (#3129)

ForkHub for GitHub is no longer maintained and it can’t even login.

LibGen Mobile and SimpleWeatherForecast depend on servers or services that are no longer accessible.

Newly Added Apps

3 apps were newly added

fWallet - A beautiful cross-platform wallet application for your PkPass files.

Prayer Book for Catholic prayers.

Simple Counter - Keep track of things with a Material You interface.

Updated Apps

153 more apps were updated

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