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TWIF generated on Thursday, 26 Oct 2023 ,Week 43

F-Droid core

F-Droid and F-Droid Basic were updated from 1.18.0 to 1.19.0-alpha0, now with support for automatic background updates on Android 12+ as announced last week. Note that this is still in beta so brave users need to install this manually (enable Beta updates for the app or from Client expert settings).

Community News

@Licaon_Kter comments:

Aurora Store was updated from 4.3.3 to 4.3.5 fixing an important installation issue so users are advised to update.

Conversations was updated from 2.12.11+free to 2.12.12-beta.2+free adding experimental support for Private DNS (DNS over TLS), themed icon on Android 13+ and many other fixes. Note that this is still in beta so brave users need to install this manually (enable Beta updates for the app or from Client expert settings). The missing website description will be fixed in the next few days.

Linphone - open source SIP client was updated from 5.1.3 to 5.1.4 and now supports the narrow-band vocoder-based audio data compression algorithm G.729.

Prav is live in F-Droid! It’s a fork of Quicksy keeping the same easy onboarding for new XMPP users and phone number based automatic contact discovery. Prav is based in India and is backed by a cooperative society. Being an XMPP client it means it can communicate with XMPP users on servers all around the world.

@linsui comments:

I want to highlight some updates of this week:

Image Toolbox is finally updated again. Since 2.1.3 we can’t build the APK reproducibly. Then some prebuilt libs are added which introduces more problems. Thanks to the effort of @Licaon_Kter and @T8RIN those binaries are cleaned up and the APK is reproducible again after 4 months.

Kubenav is rewriten in Flutter and Go since 4.0.0. This broke the update checker and we only noticed that recently. @linsui added v4.2.3 and patched out some new non-free deps. It should be updated automatically in the future.

Sayboard, a voice IME, is in F-Droid now. We have many open source IME but none of them have voice input support. Now we have an open source voice IME based on Vosk.Yay!!!

Standard Notes is back! The license of Standard Notes was changed from AGPL3 to BY-NC-SA 4.0 which is not an FOSS license. After it was reported, we disabled affected versions and don’t update it anymore. Recently, the change was reverted so Standard Notes is FOSS again! More details can be found here. @proletarius101 re-enabled with an update.

TIDY Text-to-Image Discovery, a local image search tool, is in F-Droid now. It brings the power of AI to your phone, running totally offline!

Removed Apps

5 apps were removed

Carfoin’s API no longer works so the developer asked for it to be removed.

Infinity for Reddit can no longer connect to the website (#3098)

RadioBeacon and UnifiedNlp Backend used a backend database that is no longer accessible (#3102)

WireGuard’s in-app updater makes it no longer eligible for inclusion in F-Droid. WireGuard users can get updates directly from upstream or switch to one of the alternatives.

Newly Added Apps

17 more apps were newly added

Downgraded Apps

2 apps were downgraded

Podverse was downgraded from 4.14.0 to 4.13.9 as the new version was crashing.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon was updated to 2.2.0 then downgraded to 2.1.4 as the new version is crashing, please wait for a fixed version 2.2.1.

Updated Apps

~163 more apps were updated

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